Tag: The Eight Great

  • Big Glasses, Bigger Party & The Biggest Family.

    You guys, I love wedding almost as much as I love weekends. Both are equally awesome. Friday: I had the day off of work and that afternoon Matt and I battled the California rain and made our way to San Jose. We met up with my sister for dinner and some cousins for drinks. It […]

  • Living on the (slightly) Wild Side.

    Weekends are my jam. Seriously, they’re the best. I could use it if they’d all be a little longer, but other than that, no complaints. Friday: A lovely way to end the week, I got to pick up my friend Zoe and have her stay with us for the weekend, huzzah! We kicked off the […]

  • Fire in the Hole.

    Where do I even start? A weekend with my best friend. Well more than a weekend. A really long weekend. Perhaps the longest amount of time we’ve spent together since graduating college seven years ago. I would recap except it’s a blur of awesome. A blur of happiness and ridiculous photo ops and just. I […]

  • Endless Smiles.

    This past weekend my heart felt whole again. I was reunited with my seven best girl friends from college and just, I am the happiest. Well right now I miss them like crazy, but being with them made me all kinds of happy, content, excited, all of the above. We hadn’t all been together since […]

  • Tacky Sweaters & a trip to Central Perk.

    You know those weekends where you just can’t stop smiling and are just in the happiest of holiday moods? Why, yes. Those are the best. The actual best and happiest. And this is a long post. You’ve been warned. Friday: A very productive evening of baking, watching The Holiday (yes, AGAIN), cleaning and a whole […]

  • Past, Present & Future: In Simple Terms

    Yesterday I: spent $15 on cheese. spent even more at Target. listened to the entire Ke$ha album and am in no way ashamed of that. saw new video from our wedding and instantly started crying tears of happiness. Today I: am wearing boots for the first time ever. and sort of look like a baby […]

  • Irish Adventures & ALL THE CUTENESS.

    So. The weekend. It was pretty swell. The weather decided to not be totally horrible and it was full of friends and family and basically it was just a winner all around. Friday: Matt and I had planned to have dinner and watch a movie. Instead my cousin Brittany was in town so we went […]

  • Fancy Laughs, Wedding Wonderousness & wishing all of my friends lived down the hall.

    You know those weekends where your cheeks hurt from smiling so much and you just keep thinking how insanely HAPPY you are and you even cry about it (and embarrass yourself to no end)? Those kind. Are amazing. And this past one was just that. One of my bestest friends, Zoe, got married in Philadelphia […]