Tag: Random is my middle name

  • Things I’d Love to Hear.

    “Of course you can wear your pajama pants all day.” “You’re pregnant!” “Meet your daughter/son!” “You won the lotto, without even playing!” “That perfect job you’ve been looking for, it’s right here and there’s a spot just for you.” “I brought you cupcakes.” “Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are making another movie together.” “So are […]

  • Three Good Things.

    One. It’s Friday. It’s Springtime. It’s sunny. (okay that’s more like three in one, but whatever) Two. I successfully made this recipe last night and it’s DELICIOUS. Come over, I have extras. Three. I’m having an excellent hair day.   What are your three good things today?     happy weekend!

  • Let’s Play the Name Game

    First of all. I have no idea if I’ve written this post before. After six years of blogging there’s bound to be some repeats but I couldn’t find it so I’m going with it. The other day at work an IT person that I’ve never met sent an email to a different coworker and referred […]

  • Because, Vegas.

    Clearly it’s taken me a while to get my thoughts together about this past weekend. And really, I still don’t really have the words. I mean I do, but I don’t. Usually I’d recap this weekend by the day and all the things we did but I feel like even that wouldn’t fully capture the […]

  • Some Things You Should Probably Read.

    The internet is a place of gems. And I’ve been finding some good ones lately. From serious to ridiculous they’re worth a looksie: 27 Reasons Why Cristina Yang is Everything You Aspire to in Life. YES. All of this. So much. So You’re Tired of Hearing About Rape Culture. Everything about this Steubenville story is […]

  • These are my confessions.

    [try and tell me you didn’t just sing that title, ha] Anyhoo, I feel like getting some things off my chest in the most light hearted of ways, so why not right? I’ve been married two and a half years and I still read wedding blogs.  With that, I’m also addicted to looking at anyone’s […]

  • The Butterfly Incident.

    Let me set the scene: Monday. Pizza place for lunch with a coworker. We chatted, we laughed, we sipped our waters waiting for the food to arrive. Our food arrives, I got a folded pizza that came with a side salad. She had pizza. It was delightful. I ate most of my salad first out […]

  • Eight Things I’m Okay With Not Liking.

    [idea borrowed from the lovely Terra] It’s okay to not be on par with everything and everyone. So with that, here are some of those things I’m just fine with not liking. 1. Mushrooms. 2. High Heels. 3. Beer. 4. Running. 5. Pants. 6. Birds. 7. Swimming with ocean life. 8. Chalkboards.     What […]