Tag: I wish life were a musical

  • The World Turned Upside Down.

    So yes, last week was weird. And tinted with sadness. But by the weekend, it was a bit on the up and up. On Saturday I got to celebrate one of my best friend’s son’s 11th birthday. I remember when that kid was born and holy moly, being at the birthday party for an 11 year […]

  • On Repeat.

    Lately, whenever I tell Riley I’m going to turn on some music his immediate response is “MONKEY SONG!” Which for those of you who haven’t watched SING hundreds of times, he means the song that the gorilla (come on kid, let’s work on that, ha) Johnny, sings at the end of the movie – “I’m Still […]

  • A Bit of a Birthday Wishlist.

    My thirty third birthday is two weeks away. And per usual I’ve got a wishlist. A little on the grand side this year, but sometimes you’ve gotta dream big, right? Right. Tickets to Harry Potter World. You guys, for years Matt and I had season passes to Universal Studios and of course once I got […]

  • And the Birthdayness Continue!

    So I don’t exaggerate when I say my birthday is a big deal. And Matt’s birthday is a big deal. And birthdays are a  BIG DEAL (I seriously just LOVE THEM). So of course this weekend kept on going with the birthdayness (also: this coming weekend will cap out the birthdayness because we just can’t […]

  • Simply Fabulous in Hollywood.

    A Hollywood post? On a Tuesday? It is possible! Hark! Starting out this week in cuteness we have the always fashionable and tre adorable Suri Cruise. In other cuteness we have NPH’s precious (and somewhat matching) family enjoying vacation. Seriously those kids are so cute and also, quite fashionable.  Suri agrees.   In other Hollywood […]

  • Feeling Good.

    Last night I was home dawdling around and decided to give The X Factor another shot. I mean I sort of love Britney Spears so I figured why not? Well I made it through a total creeper and some horrible singers and then the show got to Carly. Thirteen year old Carly. You guys, I […]

  • The odds were so very much in my favor.

    Can we just have weekend with awesome things every weekend? Right? That would be swell. Also if we could put a hold on weekend rain that would be superb as well. Friday: After work I made my way to my father-in-law’s for a little family dinner. As soon as I pulled up my brother-in-law Brad […]

  • When I grow up.

    When I was a kid I always found myself wanting to be various characters. Characters from books, from movies, from TV, from anywhere. Seriously, how come I wasn’t an Arabian princess or an artsy teenager? It evaded me but didn’t stop me from fantasizing about being any of them at any time. And who were […]