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  • Whip my Hollywood.

    Why yes I’m sharing some Hollywood news on a Tuesday, wahoo! So here we go: Starting off this week’s cuteness is my oh so favorite family of Hollywood ( (I mean I know I shared them last week but HELLO they are my favorites), the Garner ladies. Seriously Seraphina is just all sorts of cute […]

  • Minnie Muse, Minnie Muse!

    So despite still being sickish (still, I know right? This is getting ridiculous) I moseyed on over to Hollywood Tuesday night for a fabulous little shindig that I just have to blog about (I mean I’m a blogger, that’s what I do). I was invited as media (doesn’t that sound fancy?? also I’m becoming a […]

  • It’s a teenage dream in Hollywood.

    So I’m all hopped up on Ricola and functioning on little sleep (damn you sickness) so this could be an interesting post, then again when is Hollywood not chock full of interesting. Anyhoo enough rambling, here we go: Starting off this week’s cuteness we have little Satyana Denisof with her parents Alyson Hannigan and Alexis […]

  • Googily Moogily Hollywood.

    Apparently I’m a jinx to technology and a jinx to myself. Hence the delay in posting. Oy freaking vey people. Well here we go: Starting off this week’s Hollywood cuteness we have my fave new mama Sandra Bullock and the oh so adorable baby Louis. Seriously this kid is precious. check out those chubby cheeks!I […]

  • Back to Hollywood.

    Oh Hollywood how I have missed you! I mean seriously I was getting the shakes my withdrawal was getting bad and I know my dear freaders missed knowing what ridiculousness had been happening in the past month and a half as well. Well friends, Hollywood Tuesday is back and with all sorts of goodies, so […]

  • A hankering for Hollywood.

    Helloooo Hollywood! And welcome to Tuesday. Here we go! Starting off this week’s uber cuteness we have little Levi and Mama Camila on a bike ride. Seriously he is such a cutie, but where was shirtless daddy this time? he looks so nervous, but it’s so cute! Also bringing some uber cuteness is soon-to-be big […]

  • Squishy squishy Hollywood cuteness.

    Hollywood say what? Say it’s time for a Hollywood post? Well here we go then: Starting off this week we have the squishiest, cutest and newest baby to join the Hollywood ranks. Louis Bardo Bullock! In case you missed it, my fave, Sandy Bullock, adopted the most precious little boy and seriously I squealed when […]

  • Hollywood heartface.

    Another Tuesday, another day in Hollywood so heeeeere weeeeee goooooo. Starting off this week we have some serious cuteness coming from mom-to-be Isla Fisher and her oh so adorable and smiley daughter Olive. Seriously she’s precious, she should be friends with Violet and Harlow and ah the cuteness would be amazing. preciousness! Also bringing in […]