Category: Ryan Gosling

  • Birthdays all around.

    Several of my faves had birthdays this weekend so I’d like to make a shout out…. Leo is 33! Can you believe it? I can’t. I remember seeing Titanic like it was yesterday and how much I wanted to be Rose in that dance scene and how much I wanted to yell at Jack to […]

  • Ryan is no Noah.

    So I have always been a Ryan Gosling fan, there really is no denying this. I thought he was great on the Mickey Mouse Club (which I watched religiously…not even kidding), so dorkily funny in Remember the Titans, a little disturbing in Murder by Numbers (and even more disturbing when he started dating Sandra Bullock…okay […]

  • Fridays are meant for random posts.

    So that’s what I am doing this fine Friday, posting randomly. So first up there are two movie previews I would like to share, the first is a new one with Ryan Gosling (heart him) sporting a porn stache (just try and look past it) called Lars and the Real Girl. From what I can […]