Category: Sparkling Revelations

  • A Holiday Love Letter.

    Last year I participated in 12 Days of Love Letters and I was so honored to be asked back again this year to contribute. As a refresher, More Love Letters is a delightful organization that uses social media to send love letters to strangers in need. Their mission is: Love Big. Love Fast. Love Hard. This […]

  • How to Enjoy the Moment.

    Step one. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. Really, that’s the only step. Every time I see a concert or a major event on TV I see the sea of phones and it makes me sad. Seriously, why record the performance when you can just, you know, watch it? Take a picture and put the phone away. It’s […]

  • Scaled.

    Confession: I haven’t weighed myself in over a year (maybe longer, I’m not even sure). I don’t even own a scale. And it is glorious. I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this before (and I’m too lazy to look at my archives) but my weight has been coming up a lot lately. And how […]

  • Keeping It Zen.

    There are obviously lots of things I talk about on this  blog (my weekends, infertility, my Hollywood crushes, wine and so on) and then there are some things I don’t talk about (my job, every time we get a bill and my eyes go wide, the fact that Matt has been recovering from knee surgery […]

  • Believe.

    As if I didn’t know it already, I’ve got some good people in my life. REALLY GOOD PEOPLE. When I got home Sunday night I discovered a FedEx envelope with my name on it. I opened up and immediately started crying (happy tears). Three of my girlfriends had gone in together and gotten me a […]

  • Three Good Things.

    One. It’s Friday. It’s Springtime. It’s sunny. (okay that’s more like three in one, but whatever) Two. I successfully made this recipe last night and it’s DELICIOUS. Come over, I have extras. Three. I’m having an excellent hair day.   What are your three good things today?     happy weekend!

  • Let’s Get Happy.

    This has been a week. A week full of problems and too much crying and sweet mercy I’m so glad it’s almost over. Every day was a struggle and an uphill battle. Every day I dreaded turning on my computer or checking email. There were work problems and fertility setbacks and just too many tears. […]

  • A Little Bit Closer to Thirty.

    Two months from today is my thirtieth birthday. I’m not quite sure what to do with that since I still say “a few years ago” when referring to anything that happened to me in college. That or it also feels like my twenty fifth birthday was just yesterday. But alas, it was five years ago. […]