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  • 2018 will be the year I…

    *I loved this idea from Kate & just had to make one of my own. Thanks, Kate! Become a mother of two. Sweet Mercy. Read 20 books. It’s ambitious, but I feel like I can pull it off. Sleep. (HAHAHA JUST KIDDING, I’M NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN) Celebrate my little sister’s wedding! Ask for help when […]

  • Onto the Third.

    So apparently I blinked and I’m now in the third trimester of this pregnancy. Sweet actual mercy. I still alter between “holy crap this is flying by” and “holy crap I still have three months left to go” but really, it’s still just weird to me that I’m pregnant. In any case, I figured the […]

  • Real Talk: I Feel Like a Grinch.

    It’s three days until Christmas and as I’m writing this,I feel anything but the Christmas spirit. Matt’s seeing Star Wars with some friends and right now I should be doing dishes or Riley’s laundry or responding to the client emails I’ve postponed today or wrapping presents. Instead, I just said ‘fuck it’, turned on The […]

  • Miscellaneous Musings.

    I feel like my brain has been all over the place lately. Like I can’t keep thoughts straight and my to-do lists are taking over and sweet mercy, what is going on? So, with that, have a peek inside my brain these days: “Growing a person is just so weird. It’s amazing, but it’s freaking […]

  • Halfway 2.0

    So here we are, already halfway through this pregnancy. I have no idea how that happened. And it still hasn’t totally sunk in that it’s really happening. I figured I’d revisit the halfway recap that I did when I was pregnant with Riley, crazy to see how similar and yet different these pregnancies have been. […]

  • Toddler Dreams.

    In the past few weeks Riley has woken up with nightmares. Poor kid, there is literally not much I can do for him except hold him and snuggle him and help him get back to sleep. However, so far when I’ve gone to comfort him, he’s greeted me with the following proclamations: “MOMMY, WHERE IS […]

  • Oh Right.

    I’m seventeen weeks pregnant and every day kind of feels like 50 First Dates, where I wake up and have to remind myself that this is really happening. It’s weird. You’d think I’d remember that I was pregnant. And you’d think I wouldn’t have to double check every day that I didn’t make it up. […]

  • FAQ: Baby Bannan 2.0

    Guys, thank you. I seriously feel so overwhelmed with love and excitement right now and I’m just so glad we could share our news with everyone. Similar to when I announced my pregnancy with Riley, I figured there are probably a few questions and some of you feel a little weird asking them. So I’m […]