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  • Why not wait.

    So it’s funny that I’d follow up a Wino Wednesday post with a post about teen drinking, but that’s just how I roll. Basically it’s come to my attention that I’m a completely naive goody two shoes (is that the actual saying? I have no idea, oh well, you get the point) and always have […]

  • When I grow up.

    When I was a kid I always found myself wanting to be various characters. Characters from books, from movies, from TV, from anywhere. Seriously, how come I wasn’t an Arabian princess or an artsy teenager? It evaded me but didn’t stop me from fantasizing about being any of them at any time. And who were […]

  • Thank a teacher.

    My first semester of college I somehow signed up for Econ 101. I was one of four girls in the class and I had no idea what Econ even was. It was one of the required courses so I took it not knowing what the hell I was getting myself into. Turns out, even while […]

  • Red Ice Skates.

    Don’t let this title deceive you, I haven’t secretly become an Olympic ice skater or even developed any desire to get on the ice, it’s just not my thing. The red ice skates in question however are these: This weekend when I took a trip down memory lane I rediscovered these skates and the emotions […]

  • Apartment Living: Like a good neighbor.

    Living in an apartment for the past three years and a half has definitely taught Matt and I a lot. We’ve had some interesting experiences and throughout it all we’ve had some interesting neighbors as well. When we first moved in I had visions of Friends and  How I Met Your Mother floating through my […]

  • The Nicole Effect.

    So apparently being friends with Nicole has rubbed off on me….and in the best ways possible. I mean I WRITE RIDICULOUS THINGS IN ALL CAPS, I sum a lot of things into ALL OF THE THINGS, I’ve developed a love for Modern Family, my love for good cheese and good food in general has increased […]

  • Currently.

    Today I’m taking a page out of the lovely Kerri’s sidebar and talking a little about what’s going on over here. Because you know, I don’t talk about myself nearly enough on this blog, ha. wearing. Scarves! So many scarves, all the time, every day. It’s finally cold enough to rock a scarf and oh […]

  • Christmas is for wishing.

    Somehow Christmas is right around the corner. I mean. What. Stop that. However , I felt like today would be a good day to share my wishlist. Some things are on the “not gonna happen” while others are “somewhat plausible” to show up under the Christmas tree next weekend.  Totally appropriate right? And I tend […]