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  • When Life Happens.

    Although I am a generally happy person, life is not always unicorns, puppy dogs, rainbows and magical things. I try not to get too serious on this blog because seriously, where is the freaking fun in that? But as you know, sometimes I just have to. Sometimes I have to talk about the serious to […]

  • Apartment Living: Big issues, little issues.

    This year Matt and I have had a lot of Adult topics floating around. To travel or not? To make babies (OR NOT)? To buy a house or not? Traveling, it’s happening this fall. Babies, not this year, for now I’ll just keep on borrowing and playing with other people’s babies then giving them back. […]

  • The magic that is Towel Time.

    So here’s a little something about me that you just might not know (unless you’ve lived with me): I LOVE sitting in my towel after I shower. I mean, I LOVE IT. I pretty much can’t function without what I deem as “Towel Time.” Every day my morning schedule goes a little something like this: […]

  • Every Birthday deserves a wishlist.

    Ah! It’s almost my birthday! Well technically it’s still three and half weeks away but whatever. 28 is nothing all that exciting, but it’s my birthday so it’s exciting to me, weee! And with that I present this year’s birthday wishlist: Eeeee. THIS. I want like 10 of these! No I have no idea what […]

  • Book to Movie.

    Yes. I am still talking about Hunger Games. Let’s be honest, did you expect anything else from me? Today I’m here to share a nugget of knowledge for all future movie goers and book lovers that will come in so handy, you won’t believe you hadn’t thought of it before. Here we go: If you […]

  • Trayvon Martin.

    A few weeks ago everyone I knew was posting and talking about KONY. Even I watched the video and tweeted it out and was awe stricken with such a beautiful video. However, an hour after I watched it I read this and instantly tweeted it as well. I realized I was a little too quick […]

  • Lots of Good Clean Fun.

    “This post is sponsored by” Pine-Sol® Clean & Disinfect with Pine-Sol®: The Powerful Scent of Clean” I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all my own. Little know fact. I’m a neat freak. Always have been, probably always will. I also sort of love cleaning […]

  • Life needs a photo booth.

    On a lighter note, remember that wedding I went to last weekend? And the photo booth? And how I’m obsessed!? And how every picture is online and I’m even more obsessed!? And how I wish I had one of these bad boys at my wedding? Yes those. I seriously adore them. I took pictures with […]