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  • Googily Moogily Hollywood.

    Apparently I’m a jinx to technology and a jinx to myself. Hence the delay in posting. Oy freaking vey people. Well here we go: Starting off this week’s Hollywood cuteness we have my fave new mama Sandra Bullock and the oh so adorable baby Louis. Seriously this kid is precious. check out those chubby cheeks!I […]

  • Hip hip Hollywood.

    Totally not Hollywood related, but don’t forget my giveaway ends this afternoon, so enter away! Anyhoo moving onto Hollywoodness. However a disclosure before this post, I’ve already taken Advil PM so I apologize for the run-on sentences and Rob gawking and rambling ahead of time. And go! Starting off this week’s oh so adorableness we […]

  • Top Ten Friday – Fuego Edition.

    So I’ve decided to add a new feature to my blog, Top Ten Fridays. Basically it’s just as it sounds, I’ll be sharing some of my top ten lists, woo! So to start it off we have my top ten celebrity guys. Basically the hottest of the hot, el fuego of all that is el […]

  • If I had live blogged the Oscar nominations…

    Last year I did this and I figured why not do it again because it’s just so dang fun! Woo Oscar nominations! Actor in a Leading RoleThe DUDE does it again. It’s like you’re this year’s Mickey Rourke.Be still my heart dear George.Oh Mr. Darcy! I guess I should see this movie now?Umm what?! Morgan […]

  • Live from the Golden Globes.

    So two nights ago I was curled up on my couch, covered in a blanket, drinking water with my computer perched in my lap as I took notes and twittered about the Golden Globes. I was going to break down my random thoughts into an actual post but then I figured just posting what I […]

  • This. Is. Hollywood.

    Hello Tuesday and your Hollywoodness how are you today? Starting off this week’s cuteness we have the oh so adorable Ava Jackman. Seriously I hope my future kids are just as silly and cute as she is because I freaking love this picture of her. so cute! Also super cute is Nahla Aubrey. Seriously with […]

  • Just some Hollywood.

    Hello Tuesday and hello Hollywood. Let’s not waste any time shall we? This week’s bebe cuteness is all about the boys. Sheryl Crow’s son Wyatt is all sorts of adorable and I love him toting his own little suitcase, so cute: cuuuute. Next up in the cuteness is little Zuma Rossdale (aka Jack Jack) chilling […]

  • Babies and Blondes and Babies, Oh my!

    Well nothing too big and exciting in my weekend, I basically laid it all out on Friday, haha. Granted the weather was fabulous and I spent a lot of time outside playing basketball with the brothers and playing my my friend’s kid, it was fabulous. I also saw a couple new movies which I may […]