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  • This post is full of Awesome.

    Seriously, it is. Because it’s Friday and my brain has been fried from work and life and too much wine and Wii playing, I’m going to share all of the awesome that encompasses my life right now. Enjoy! Today is Friday! Friday = awesome. This morning I woke up, did some Wii boxing, I’m getting […]

  • A SUPER giveaway!

    So first of all, the Garner-Afflecks finally released the name of their new little bebe girl and who am I to NOT tell you that one. Violet’s new little sister’s name is …..Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck. ta da! I, although probably biased, think it’s a cute name. Now I don’t know that I’d name my […]

  • Woooooooe is me, a Halloween predicament.

    Yesterday when I left work it was dark outside, dark I tell you at 6:30 pm. And the weather was in the 70s/80s not the 100s. So yes, yes it is finally October like weather in good ole Southern California and I love it (minus the dark after work thing, that I could still go […]

  • The Right Stuff.

    Today I would usually reserve for my weekend recap, but since the weekend is still going because of the long holiday, no recap today folks. Come back tomorrow for all the recapping goodness of my weekend, woo. But I do have something just as cool for today, maaaaybe even cooler…..a givewaway! Now to my male […]

  • Cruising ’round the blogosphere.

    So I thought today I would take a page out of fabulous Jenn’s book and highlight some of the fabulous things going on around the blogosphere. Enjoy! Janet seriously knows how to prep for a fabulous girl’s weekend. Color me jealous. I love ice cream. I mean who doesn’t? And according to Jamie there is […]

  • I stand and they win.

    So there are two things I want to cover today. One: Stand Up To Cancer. and Two: the winnnnnner(s) of the oh-so-awesome weirdest gift giveaway! Stand Up To Cancer. I hadn’t really heard too much about it besides the celebrity filled commercial until the fabulous Tara asked me to submit a picture for the cause […]

  • A giveaway? Oh? A GIVEAWAY!

    First of all I want to say thank you to everyone that Twittered and emailed me to see if I was okay in the midst of the LA earthquake. You guys are so sweet! So many people I haven’t even met making sure I’m okay…now that’s what I call awesome. But yes my office swayed […]

  • Everyone likes a contest, even Ryan Cabrera.

    So remember a while back when I said I didn’t like Ryan Cabrera’s new look? Yeah I’m still not a huuuuge fan, but after hearing him on the radio this morning I remember why I used to love him. Yeah I said it, I was a fan, heck I was a huge fan. I played […]