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  • Get Your Summer Tan On (& a giveaway!).

    Summer is almost here! And to get ready, the fine people at VersaSpa offered me a free spray tan. Because I didn’t really want a spray tan (nor do I need one, since I’ve got a slight advantage when it comes to pigmentation, ha), I let my BFF Jen go in my place. And here’s what she […]

  • A Nature Box Giveaway. *closed*

    A few weeks ago I had a surprise delivery. A box of goodies arrived at work that I had completely forgotten about. Enter: Nature Box. I’d seen the sign up for it a while back at 20 Something Bloggers and figured, why not? And oh man. It was a box full of goodness. So good, […]

  • Confessions of a photo fiend & a giveaway. *CLOSED*

    Congrats to newlywed Lynn for winning the giveaway & Thanks to everyone that entered! I find that I am usually part of the minority when it comes to picture taking and picture printing. I’ve ALWAYS (and I mean always) done both. I love taking pictures and I love printing them out and framing them or […]

  • Hollywood movie talk & a giveaway. *closed*

    So today would usually be Hollywood day. But seeing as to how I’ve been fighting off and losing to sickness these past couple of days that just wasn’t going to happen. Instead I have a few Hollywood funness to share and then, a giveaway, wee! So for some Hollywoodness we have some things. One. My […]

  • Movies on Demand & a giveaway! *Closed*

    Thanks to everyone that entered, after using, Melissa is the winner, woo! Happy Movie watching everyone :)   So today would usually be the day in which I talk about Hollywood things, instead today we talk about movies! And to make it even better, there’s a giveaway too, wee! With the upcoming holiday season […]

  • A Shabby Apple giveaway! *closed*

    Thanks to everyone that entered! The big winner is: Renee! Her oh so Italian response was: When I lived in Rome, my friends and I celebrated “Gelato Giovedi” which means “ice cream Thursday” in Italian. We would go to the oldest gelateria in Rome, Giolitti, and get three flavors plus real whipped cream for 2 […]

  • Oh goodness, the weekend and a giveaway! *closed*

    Oh what a weekend and a fun one at that, so with no delay a recap is on its way (why I rhymed I have no idea? I blame exhaustion): Friday: Matt and I were both so exhausted from a long week that we had a pretty low key night. Went shopping for our Christmas […]

  • On Wednesdays we wear PINK.

    I thought this title was only appropriate because well it’s Wednesday, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Mean Girls is a pretty freaking fabulous movie. And not only do we wear PINK on Wednesdays we occasionally give stuff away and talk about stuff that matters (and somehow we = me, but you get the […]