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  • Craig David is my new BFF.

    Oh Em Freaking Gee. That pretty much sums up last night. As I write this I don’t really have a voice, my feet are sore, I’m exhausted and it was all totally worth it. The Craig David concert in a word was: Awesome. Seriously I still can’t get over it, haha. Basically my sister and […]

  • Some important things.

    Okay they’re not thaaaaat important but I feel like sharing/getting input/rambling so here goes: Josh Kelley is going on tour with Ryan Cabrera in April!!! I pretty much squealed with delight when Josh announced this fun fact on his Myspace blog. Not even kidding. I love Josh and I love me some Ryan too. So […]

  • Hey Girl!

    So I started writing this post yesterday and it was all about weddings since that is where I am off to this weekend, to be in my good friend’s wedding in Philly… but alas more important matters need to start off this post… O.A.R. I love them! I saw them last Summer in concert and […]

  • Can’t stop thinking about…

    I’m a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding in two months, I got my dress yesterday, I love it: Now the mission is to make sure it continues to fit comfortably in two months. Operation: Bridesmaid commences today! I will be following a lot of Larissa’s advice as well as some of my own. Wish me […]

  • It’s official!

    (courtesy of The Spice Girls are reuniting! I read it on and they announced a eleven show tour over two months, kicking off in Los Angeles December 7th. Woot. Not that I’m planning on seeing them or anything (because I can only imagine how much tickets are going to cost) but it’s still […]

  • Three words…

    O.A.R. is amazing!!! I really don’t know what else to write besides that. I could go into a whole concert review, but really, where is the fun in that? However I will say that that concert was absolutely fantastic. I knew every song they performed (with the exception of one/two new ones). I basically sang […]

  • I can’t wait…

    for Thursday night, when I get to see O.A.R. in concert at the Wiltern! Ah! I can barely contain my excitement. I love them. I have seen them in concert three times before, however I feel like this show has to be the best. The first time I saw them I was just getting into […]