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  • Violet and Heidi and Batman, oh my!

    So only one more birthdayish post and then I’m done, kaput, finito…that is, until next year :) But in birthdayness to myself I decided to buy a URL that’s a little easier to say to people than “, got it? Need me to repeat it?” Eh yeah. That was annoying. So I’m still keeping the […]

  • Randomosity at it’s finest.

    The Dutch know how to make online shopping fun, check it out! Scientists discovered the remains of a two thousand pound rodent. Thank god that’s not lurking around my office. Ew. You can leave yourself a message for the future. Weeeeird. But I may try it. Don’t drink and mow. Heidi will marry Spencer if […]

  • Because Hollywood is more exciting than my life.

    So what’s happening in Hollywood? Let me share…. _The people behind The Dark Knight are going crazzzzzy with all the underground publicity and websites and phone numbers, it’s awesome. The movie doesn’t even come out until next July but already the Joker is on the cover of magazines and the Gotham Times has been posted […]

  • The Linkster.

    This really is like a Disney movie in the making. ‘Dove at first site.’ Christian Bale really gets into his roles. And I don’t mind at all. haha. Ja Rule has been out of the limelight a while and now I kind of wish he had stayed there. He made some ridiculous remarks about rap […]

  • Celebrity Mania!

    So apparently a lot happened in the celeb zone this weekend. And I feel it is my duty to catch you up on some of the best ones…. Well I missed the VMA’s last night (long story) but I heard I didn’t miss much (luckily Matt DVRed them for me anyways, woo). I guess it […]

  • Christian Bale is everywhere! (and I love it)

    Christian Bale really is everywhere these days…and I am not complaining at all. I have loved him since his days as Jack Kelley in Newsies, so seeing him mature and age on screen has only made me happier and like him more. He has managed to stay out of scandal and in lots of good […]

  • The Joker is creeeeeeeeepy.

    So apparently the people behind The Dark Knight are starting their marketing now (a whole year before the movie is due out!), just to drive fans crazy and get us all revved up for a movie that is sure to be awesome. So thanks to Trent on Pink is the New Blog I can share […]

  • The Dark Knight.

    Batman on his new ride (courtesy of  Okay so I’m making this short, but I can’t wait to see The Dark Knight, the next Batman movie for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I know there are so many other movies I could talk about instead, but I just loved Batman Begins […]