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  • If I had live blogged the Oscar nominations…

    It’s no secret that I love all things Hollywood and that I know more than the average person about celebrities and movies and the entertainment industry in general. So it’s also not a surprise that the day that Oscar nominations come out I get giddy. And then apparently I write a live blog response to […]

  • A little bit Hollywood.

    Hello Tuesday, how’s it going? Ready for some Hollywood? Yes I thought so. For this week’s adorable celebrity bebe we have my favorites, Violet and Seraphina Affleck. Seriously if these pictures don’t melt your heart a bit I don’t know what will. Jen is just such a cute mom and those girls are precious. so […]

  • Holly olly woody news.

    Why hello there Tuesday, ready for a Hollywood post? Why of course you are…and go: Today’s cute bebe comes from little Emmeline Bale, seriously she is adorable clinging onto her dad, one of my faves, Christian Bale (who gets even more points fro me for rockin the USC hat, woo woo): seriously so cute. And […]

  • All around Hollywoooood.

    Ooh my Hollywood. So I apologize if this post isn’t chock full of all the best of the best of Hollywood, you’d think with having the day off yesterday that I’d have more time to blog (and read blogs!) but alas that was not the case and so I don’t know if I’m completely caught […]

  • Bebes, Hotties and Bad TV. Clearly it’s Hollywood day.

    So really I swear I’m not changing my Hollywood updates to Wednesdays, it just so happens I’ve had to push it here the past couple of weeks. But fret not, next week we’ll be back to normal. However, it’s Hollywood catch up and recap and gossip fest time, so here goes: It wouldn’t be a […]

  • My faves of Hollywooooood.

    Oh it’s Tuesday and man do I have some Hollywood news today. And go! So I was all psyched and ready to share my quasi review of the Dark Knight until I went onto this morning and saw that my beloved Christian Bale was freaking arrested!?!?! Noooooooooo. Apparently he reportedly verbally assaulted his mother […]

  • I came, I saw and now I’m blogging about BlogHer ’08.

    So BlogHer ’08. I don’t really even know where to begin. In a word however: Awesome. I mean seriously, awesome. Now I don’t want to bore you to tears with everything that happened and hell I did start to post about it on Friday, but you know me, I can’t really keep it short, so […]

  • Because I know you want to know.

    You really want to know that I really had no idea what to write today because I am too busy getting work done and finishing stuff up for BlogHer tomorrow (ah! tomorrow!?! seriously I’m leaving tomorrow!). So instead I will give you a list of “currently’s” because, well I can and you’re probably just dying […]