The Girl Behind the Blog

A little me:

I’m a 35 year old mom of two boys, crazy curly haired Pasadena girl who wears sandals all the time and eats ice cream when it’s raining. I can’t do a cart wheel and aspire to attend the Academy Awards. I laugh at bad jokes and write about my life. My favorite color is yellow and I listen to songs on repeat. I love wine and I love coffee.  I play too many word games and know too many random facts about Hollywood. 

Want to know more? Just ask. Or just read the blog.

Disclaimer: I am a Nintendo Brand Enthusiast and sometimes they send me Nintendo products and other sweet stuff. They never ask me to write about it but I usually do because it’s pretty freaking fabulous.

I also work with other companies here & there and I always disclose it, so don’t you worry your pretty little head FTC. And if there’s a sponsored link in a post, I usually note that too. 

And when I use pictures from other blogs or sites I always link to them or credit them, so you’ll know when stuff isn’t mine. Okay?

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Also. Don’t steal my stuff. Because that’s just lame. But really, everything I write here is all me and I’d like to keep it that way. Gratzi.