Hello. And Goodbye.

A year ago, I accidentally stopped writing. 

Nothing started it. The pandemic hadn’t officially shut down our lives yet. But I just stopped. Somehow I felt like I ran out of words to say. Which is weird, as this blog had been a part of my life for almost fourteen years. 
How does something  some vital to your life just stop? 

Well, clearly, there are logical reasons behind it. Like I literally ran out of time. Between job searching, freelance jobs, reading, binge watching TV shows, raising tiny humans, trying to be a good wife/human/friend/daughter/sister and the occasional sleep – this blog fell to the bottom of the list. 

Admittedly it makes me incredibly sad, but also – it makes sense. 

So I’m not stepping back into this blog to say I’m back to writing on it again. Instead, I’m signing on to pretty much sign off again. To give Pretty Sandy Feet a proper farewell. 

This little blog brought so much joy to my life and it still does. Looking back on past posts (even some of the cringeworthy ones), and the community I created and felt. That is truly what this blog brought the most. It connected me to so many wonderful people and truly made me feel less alone. Who’d a thought I’d join bloggers in Las Vegas or go to conferences solely about blogging or that I’d still message with people who have kids my kids’s age who I’ve never met but truly adore and feel like I really know them. 

This blog has been there through my first real job to getting engaged to the ups and downs of marriage and adulthood and the struggles of becoming parents and ultimately the adventures that came with parenthood. 

I owe this space a lot. I owe you, whoever is reading this, a lot. I don’t think I’d be the person I am today without this space. 

The blogging world has morphed so much over the years and although my writing won’t be here I’m still around.

So come on over, say hi somewhere. 

And thanks for joining.