Guys, apparently I don’t do well with changes. WordPress changed its layout. Flickr changed its layout. And it really put a dent into my whole “let’s get back into writing” mojo. Seriously, trying to figure out all these new shenanigans and goodness, I feel old.

So yeah, I’ve had a post in the queue for a while that was all about Rhys turning eighteen months (on September 9th) and then I just stalled out again. Perhaps I’ll publish that post and maybe I’ll figure out how to put pictures back in without it throwing off the whole freaking layout.

In the meantime, I finally caught up with the world and watched the first season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I just finished reading my 38th book of the year, I’ve taken on a bit more freelance work and ultimately, I feel like I never sleep.

So that’s where I’m at these days. I’m trying to find more hours (hell, even more minutes) in the day when I’m not chasing Rhys around or playing a crazy game of UNO with Riley just to have some time to put my thoughts down. Or share a story. Or you know, just be.

So, if you’re still here and reading along, thank you.