Rhys: Twelve Months.


Sweet mercy. RHYS IS ONE.


Guys, how’d that happen? I mean, honestly. The actual fastest year of my life. On Saturday Rhys turned one and I’ve been in a bit of a daze ever since.

-Has the most infectious smile. It’s seriously adorable. His smile has even started to change and you can tell when he’s being mischievous or happy or just silly.Untitled
– Loves the eat, just like Riley. I swear, these boys are going to eat us out of house and home.Untitled
– Is keeping us on our toes. ALL OF THE TIME. Seriously, he’s climbing on everything, pulling out cords, crawling all over the place, it’s exhausting.

– Juuuuust started to walk. On Monday (so technically, past twelve months), he took more than three steps – it was like fifteen actually. And it was so damn exciting and so stinking cute that we all cheered him on. Riley was probably his biggest cheerleader, it was amazing.

– Continues to chomp away on everything. He’s such a little biter.
– Avoids sleep like the plague. With that, he continues to pass out at dinner and wake up all night long. It’s exhausting. For everyone.

– Does like to snuggle up and sleep with me sometimes, so that’s nice every now and then.Untitled

– Continues to follow Riley around. And laugh with him. And chase after him. And love him.Untitled– Gets coy when people say hi to him. It’s pretty precious. He occasionally high fives. And waves. But mainly just snuggles away in coyness.

– Is just the cutest.

– Can’t believe we’ve made it a full year with two kids. I feel like I was in survival mode for most of it, but alas, here we are.

– Am still in job limbo. My projects are winding up and I’ve for nothing on the horizon, so it’s a bit terrifying. I’m cold pitching and even applying for full time positions, so we’ll see what happens.

– Have read ten books already this year. It’s been nice to be so in love with reading again.

– Continue to be amazed by my amazing support system of family and friends. I honestly don’t think I would have made it through this year without them.

– Could use about a week of sleep. Or a lifetime supply of coffee. Or both.

– Am just so grateful I get to be this boy’s mama. Sometimes I wish I could go back and tell Katelin of five years ago that things would work out. That that family I wanted would come. And then I’d also say – hey, you’ll be a boy mom. Remember how you always thought you’d be a girl mom? Well, change it up, ha. Alas, here we are.


Happy birthday sweet boy, happy birthday.