Rhys: Eleven Months.

UntitledLast Saturday, on the ninth, Rhys turned ELEVEN months old. This child is almost ONE. If this hasn’t been the fastest year of my life, sweet mercy.


– Climbs. EVERYWHERE. ON EVERYTHING. Seriously, this child is like a little monkey. He tries to climb on books, on boxes, on toys, on everything, just to get a little higher and give us a heart attack in the process.

– Is obsessed with cords. Like every good baby before him. Cords, man.

– Continues to be our little chomper. Seriously, he bites everything. And everyone, if they’re not careful.Untitled
– Has discovered his voice. Lately he’s not only babbled but started blowing spit bubbles and making random noises for fun.

– Continues to boycott sleep on the regular. Seriously, it’s a disaster. However, it has lead to him passing out at the dinner table a few times. So that’s pretty darn cute at least.
Untitled– Adores Riley and wants to keep up with the big kids, always. Most of the time Riley is a good sport. Other times Riley is too rough and Rhys doesn’t care. And then there’s a lot of the time where Riley wants Rhys far far away from all of his toys.
– Is so close to walking and every day I think it’s going to happen. So far he’s taken maybe a step or two, but only as far as he can get to another couch or table. Instead I think he’s gotten faster at crawling, ha.

– Has the cutest little smile that only gets cuter with his lack of eyebrows.

Untitled– Am a bit of a hot mess these days. Last month was rough. And a whirlwind. And a lot of personal nonsense that’s drained me a bit.

– Survived Riley’s birthday. The weather had it out for us but alas a party was had and I felt like a super mom.

– Have spent a lot of time hiding in books lately. Or rather, escaping. Books have been my best escape lately. Reading and writing. A whole lot of both.

– Am exhausted. But soaking in all the snuggles I can. And taking it a day at a time.

– Am job searching and project searching and I’m hoping for a miracle. All good vibes appreciated.

– Honestly can’t believe Rhys is going to be ONE next month. I am in denial. Serious, denial. I’m also planning another party, like a crazy person.


happy weekend!