Rhys: Eight Months

UntitledSo last Friday, Rhys turned eight months old. I’m in a bit of denial here, guys. The other day we went to the library and there was a ten month old and Rhys was basically the same size and sweet mercy, slow down baby, slow down!

– Is on the move! Shortly after last month’s recap he started moving and hasn’t stopped since. It’s just as exhausting as I imagined it would be.

– Not only crawls, but can pull himself up to stand. He did it in his crib and I legit pushed him over. Not that it did anything because little man is pulling himself up all the time now.Untitled– Is boycotting sleep. Still. His naps are so short. His nighttime sleep is ridiculous and unpredictable. It’s a good thing he’s so cute.

– Loves feeding himself. And eating. And more eating.Untitled– Continues to drool. All the time. He’s teething, so that’s part of it. But the other part is that I make droppers (seriously, Riley still drools and he’s almost four).

– Is still adorably eyebrow-less. It’s endlessly amusing.
Untitled– Has found his voice. He Babbles, he gurgles, he screams.

– Tolerated his first Halloween. There were several costume changes throughout the days, but my favorite was the little pumpkin.
Untitled– Is so dang snuggly. I LOVE IT.

– Had his first sleepover with grandma and grandpa. And it’ll probably be awhile til it happens again (the whole not sleeping thing is a bit rough on the grandparents, ha).

– Had an amazing time in Nashville. It was just the recharge I needed. I’m hoping I get around to writing more about it because there are so many things I don’t want to forget.

– Can’t stop eating candy. Halloween was over two weeks ago and I’m still eating my way through Riley’s stash.

– Have already started listening to Christmas music (basically just John Legend’s Christmas album, because it’s amazing) which is very unlike me. But I’m embracing it. I need that holiday jump.

– Am trying to stay grateful. Some days I still can’t believe these two little gremlins are mine. They’re exhausting and wonderful and difficult but they’re mine.


happy weekend!