Rhys: Five Months.

Yesterday, Rhys turned five months old. What? How? Why? I’m so confused. Wasn’t he just born? Didn’t I just announce I was pregnant? But really, why is this flying by so much faster??


– Has inherited his brother’s sleep skills. Meaning, his longest stretches of sleep have been in the 2-3 hour range. And that’s it. I’ve tried the Magic Merlin suit again, a Zipadeezip, the bean trick, alas this kid is not having it.

– Is the smiliest. It is so dang cute. He laughs, he smiles (mostly at whatever Riley’s doing) and it’s just so precious.
– Tried solid food. And my goodness if I didn’t crack up the entire time. We’ve done avocados (nope!), sweet potatoes (meh) and peas (he made the worst faces but he ate it all, so confusing!).

– Has some seriously delicious thighs. Seriously I just want to nom his little thighs. Is that weird? Probably. Whatever.

– Is still missing his eye brows. Well they’re not missing, they’re just still so blonde and it’s so hilarious.

– Gets wide-eyed all the time and I love it.
– He has the best little giggle.

– Tolerates Riley. Any time I try to tell Riley to not yell so loud in his face or be in his face or give him some space, Rhys just laughs. I seriously hope they always stay this close. It’s adorable.
– Is trying to scoot! Slow it down kiddo. I put him on his back and his tries to push his body back and he can move a bit. I’m slightly terrified of his desire to get moving.

– Drools like no other. We thought there was a tooth in there, but apparently it’s disappeared, or it was never there? Who knows? But I suspect teeth are coming soonish?


– Am melting. It’s just so hot. So so hot.

– Am also tired. Just so so tired.

– Survived a weekend away at my sister’s bachelorette party (Matt survived too, ha). It was fun to be sans kids and sans hangover. I enjoyed some rosé, some not-so-refreshing pool time and lots of quality time with some lovely ladies.

– Still get emotional looking at Rhys, our little surprise. And I love having time with just the two of us when big brother occasionally naps.
– Have been kicking butt at reading and watching movies in what little free time I have. I just finished reading Beartown and I can’t stop thinking about it. It was like a hockey version of Friday Night Lights and I can’t wait to pick up the sequel.

– Can’t wait for Fall things and Fall activities and wait, maybe I can. I’m just ready to not be hot any more, ha.

– Am surviving potty training. It’s so awkward. And frustrating. And wine/whine-inducing.