Today this blog turns TEN.

Sweet mercy.

For ten years I’ve been pouring my hear out onto the internet and really, I just can’t get over it. Whenever I tell people I have a blog they always ask me, “What do you write about?” and I always say “Whatever I want.” And that’s sort of the best part about this space.

I’ve been writing about my life, my thoughts, my celebrity obsessions, my wine preferences, my childhood, my child and it’s been the most therapeutic and wonderful thing ever.

Ten years is a 1,734 posts and 19,807 comments (and I think only two of them have been trolls).

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about if I want to keep this space going. Do I still have things to write about? And for now, the answer is Yes. I still have things I want to write about and maybe it’ll be things you still want to read about.

In any case, this little space of the internet is something special and I’m glad it’s here. So thank you for sticking around with me.

Happy Birthday Pretty Sandy Feet!