Another Hair Cut Adventure.

by katelin on November 21, 2016


Remember back in July when Riley got his first haircut?

I came to realize that his first haircut was not nearly as drastic as I thought it would be. His second haircut, definitely cut more off then the second. And the third? Well the third and most recent haircut has officially made me the mother of a teenager.

A few weeks ago, a representative for Snip Its in Monrovia asked if I wanted to bring Riley in for a haircut and I of course said yes. This kid’s hair grows at warp speed and if anyone can wrangle a wiggly toddler I’m willing to give it a shot.

Snip Its was incredibly bright and welcoming and pretty dang adorable. We were the first┬ácustomers of the day and they were so sweet. Riley was not too enthused at the get-go but eventually he warmed up. I got him to wear the “cape” by putting one on too. The hair stylist was incredibly accommodating and knew her stuff, it was too adorable.

Another fun bonus, The Adventure Pass. When Riley first sat down for his hair cut the stylist gave him an Adventure Pass to hold onto. Once he was finished with his hair cut he got to “cash in” his Adventure Pass for a prize. He was so excited to finish his hair cut and get a bouncy ball (kids, man. So easily amused).


Basically, if you want a good haircut for your kid and you live in the SoCal area, I definitely recommend Snip Its!


And we’ll probably be back in like a month because my goodness, this kid’s hair, ha.


happy monday!


*Snip Its provided the haircut free of charge, but the opinions are all my own*

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