Be Present.

I’ve been taking Riley to story time at our local library for the past few months and it has been delightful. A bit overwhelming yes, but also a great time to get out of the house. We literally are a stone’s throw away from the library so it’s perfect. Right after Riley wakes up from his morning nap I strap him in the stroller and we head on over.

We’ve made some library friends and it’s always fun to learn new songs and hear new stories. Our library is great and I adore them.

When we first went to story time there were about fifteen kids and their parents. Now when we go we sit in the back because there are usually anywhere from thirty to forty five kids and their parents. It’s nutty. I mean, hurray for people utilizing their local library, but holy people Batman.

And with more people comes my biggest irk.

Cell phones. Specifically parents on their cell phones. Not only checking things but getting up and taking photos of their kids (making them repose countless times) and even walking around to get different angles of your kids “enjoying the library” while the librarian is already trying to wrangle the toddlers and read stories. I mean, WHAT?

Yes, I understand it’s a bit chaotic when you give thirty kids shakers and you want to check your email instead. And yes, I know your kid is super cute singing “The Itsty Bitsy Spider” and you want a picture to document it for all your friends on Facebook, but come on.

I’ve talked about this before with concerts and apparently I felt the need to talk about it again. Because it’s a thing.

People, enjoy the moment. Take your picture and be done with it. Save your emails for when your kid isn’t trying to learn a new song or playing with other kids. Put the phone away.

Be Present.

Your kids (insert any other person in your life) will thank you for it.



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