I do things.

My life doesn’t just happen on the weekend.

It happens during the week too. When I’m not at my 9-6 job, I occasionally do things.

Lately it’s been a lot of the following:
Watching The West Wing for the first time. Reading historical fiction and subsequently learning about actual historical things. Eating lots of blueberries. Finding new ways to redecorate our tiny apartment. Drinking lots of sauvignon blanc. Sending surprise packages to friends. Doing lots of trip planning. Listening to a whole lot of country music. Buying new dresses to the point that I should probably stop. Making actual plans with distant friends.  Laughing too much with my husband. Looking up ways to use mason jars. Researching ways to become an adult.

pretty sure Matt wouldn’t approve of a magical mason lawn, but it is quite lovely

And what’s your life consisted of lately?


happy weekend!