Goals, are good.

So. It’s a new year. With new goals.

Last year’s goals were pretty good. I managed to somewhat accomplish all of them (minus the budgeting, I still fail at that). So this year I’m going to revisit a few as well as add in some new ones, because why not right? So. Goals. Resolutions. Ambitions. Whatever you want to call them. Here we go:

  • Read 45 books.
  • Focus on making myself happy before everyone else. Also note: It’s okay to be selfish sometimes.
  • Work out. Seriously. Do it.
  • Find more reasons to wear red lipstick. Also tutus. Not necessarily together. But still. Fun times.
  • Watch at least 5 Movies from 1001 Movies to See before you die.
  • Take a big trip or buy a house. You know. That’s easy enough right?
  • Send at least 10 “just because” cards or gifts (or both!) to friends without telling them.
  • Re-tag/organize/categorize the blog. It’s seriously tagged all over the place since I made the switch.
  • Try a new recipe every month. Seriously, baking is so fun. Maybe I’ll even venture into actual cooking things.
  • Take a leap. Try something, anything new this year.



So. That’s what I’ve got. I may add more, I may take some away. They’re my goals and hopefully I can stick to them this year and make 2012 a memorable one. I’ve got high hopes for this year.


So any goals for you? Any ideas for me?


happy thursday!