That was the sound I heard and felt yesterday as I saw a truck careen into the back of my car. CRASH.

It was one of those moments I saw coming and tried to prepare myself but ultimately didn’t know what was going to happen.

My commute to work has always been traffic ridden and a ton of stop and go and yesterday someone just wasn’t paying attention. Traffic was moving and then before we knew it, it wasn’t. The car in front of me slowed down and eventually came to a stop. I slowed and then I came to a stop. Unfortunately the car behind me was not so attentive. He may have slowed but he didn’t stop. He swerved and his tires screamed and then he hit my car. And then I hit the car in front of me.

I’ll be honest I was scared. I cried. A lot. I cried so much that both drivers thought something was wrong with me physically. I don’t even know how I managed to dial the police. I was crying so much I could barely drive my car to the side of the road. I’m a crier. I’m emotional. It was not fun.

It was my first car accident as a driver. And I’d like to never do it again. Luckily I’m okay. I’m sore, I’m tired, and I couldn’t stop shaking yesterday, but I’m okay. My car, not so much.

But as everyone has said, it could have been so much worse. It really could. And it’s just a car. Yes it’s a hassle that I’ll be carless for a while and I won’t know right away the prognosis on my own car, yeah, but it could be worse.

And I have a dad that drove me to work to get my things and a husband that ordered pizza and picked up my prescription and made sure I was okay and calmed down and treated me to a movie date to see Harry Potter 7:2 and just yes, I am truly very blessed.

So. The point here. Pay attention. Be careful on the road.

And thank you all for the emails/tweets/texts/Facebook messages of concern and well wishes, I truly appreciated it and needed it. Thank you. So much.


happy thursday!