A Little Bit of Summer.

by katelin on June 24, 2011

Everyone seems to be talking about summertime, and I mean, why not? It’s finally here! And similar to what Amy was writing about the other day, I feel like there are certain things that just make Summer feel a whole lot more like Summer (if that makes any sense at all). So because it’s Friday and lists are appropriate I figure I’d share some of my Summery things:

  • Going to my first baseball game of the year (preferably a Dodger game).
  • Eating breakfast/lunch/dinner on a patio outside.
  • A trip to the beach.
  • Not wearing pants for weeks on end (because dresses and skirts are seriously where it’s at).
  • Needing my sunglasses for the drive home from work.
  • Spending a lazy afternoon at the pool.
  • Eating copious amounts of pineapple.
  • Drinking a sangria with dinner.
  • Watching some of the biggest blockbusters in theaters even if I don’t have any desire to see them.


Yes summer is truly a wonderful time even if it’s not just vacation time any more (oh how I miss the days of summer vacation). So tell me, what are some of the things that make it summery for you?


happy weekend all!

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