Scaredy cat.

Have you seen the movie The Descent? No? You haven’t. Then DON’T! EVER. Unless you want to be scarred by the ultimate freakiness and creepiness and grossness that is that movie. Six years later and I am still permanently scarred from that movie and ultimately terrified of big rigs with big pipes and cyclindrical things on the back (spoiler alert: a man and his daughter both get wrecked by one while driving, SCARY!) and spelunking (although luckily that was never on my list of things to do in life, ever).

Seriously looking back on the night I saw that movie in theaters (which was mistake number one) I’m pretty sure I lost years of my life from being so scared while Matt just lost feeling in his arm since I had a ridiculous grip on it the ENTIRE TIME. I don’t even know how I was convinced to see that movie, but I did and I haven’t seen a scary movie since.

However, I still watch plenty of creepy television. Example: Criminal Minds, CSI:, Dexter, Law and Order: SVU and CSI: NY all give me fears of rapists, serial killers and homicidal maniacs, yet I continue to watch each and every one of them. Problems, I have them.

But really, I don’t know why I keep watching creepy shows when every time I’m home alone I freak out. Or every time a car follows me I really think IT’S FOLLOWING ME. So basically I’m paranoid and it’s all my fault. BUT I CAN’T HELP IT. I just can’t say bye to Reid and Garcia or Nick or Dexter and Deb or Benson and Stabler or Mac, I just can’t, I’m too invested. And apparently set on giving myself ridiculous fears.

Anyhoo, tell me I’m not alone out there. You watch scary TV too right? And you freak out? And you keep doing it too? Superb.


happy thursday!