One Thousand.

One thousand posts.

that’s my ohmygod1000postsface
and another reason to post a wedding picture, obviously.

Nine hundred and ninety nine posts ago I wrote Step One. I had no idea what that meant and to be honest I still don’t have a clue where I was actually going with that post but I ended it with “woo” so clearly some things haven’t changed with my writing (and my talking and my life and just yeah).

I didn’t really know what I wanted to write for the big ONE THOUSAND and clearly I still don’t as I keep rambling and writing. I thought a giveaway could be fun (but then I got busy and lazy and just couldn’t do it, maybe one thousand and five?) or a look back at my posts over the years (but that was just too tedious and time consuming and maybe that’s what I’ll do when I hit the four year mark?) or yeah, all of it.

Instead, I simply want to say THANK YOU.

Thank you to everyone that reads this silly little blog of mine. Thank you to my husband for embracing my love of blogging and all things internet. Thank you to the blogger friends I’ve made that are online as much as I am and tweet as much as I do and get ridiculous references because you do it too! Thank you to the people that send me emails and tweets about my favorite celebrities (Keanu, Violet, Josh, etc.) because you know I’ll love it. Thank you for the advice, the votes, the recommendations and everything else in between.

Simply Thank You. You rock my blogging socks off.

And cheers to a thousand more!

happy weekend!