Waka waka Hollywood.

So I go a week without posting about Hollywood and then I meet Keanu and then, yeah nothing after that. So Hollywood’s still been busy as ever so here’s what I care about:

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness we have Usher and his sons at the Never Say Never premiere. I mean yeah the boys are too young to even watch that movie but in no way does that deter their adorableness, I mean really, THE CUTE:

  • Also bringing some major cuteness is Katherine Heigl’s daughter Naleigh. The boots? I die.
  • And because I can’t get enough of the bebes, we also have Alyson Hannigan with her daughter Satyana out and about. I mean really could they be any cuter together?
  • In other non bebe Hollywood news….Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are splitting up and even though I could care less about either of them, it’s still sad….in happier news, Spencer Grammer (Kelsey’s daughter, my former classmate and star of one of my fave shows Greek) got married, congrats!…Ashanti took lessons in subtlety from Lindsay Lohan…and Billy Ray Cyrus blames Hannah Montana for breaking up his family, weird.
  • In some favoriteness…
    Joshua Jackson is just so thoughtful and adorable with Diane Kruger it makes my heart all melty.

    And unrelated to coupledom but still in favoritedom, check out Christian Bale over the years (clearly his Jack Kelly years were best, haha).

  • In today’s Twilightness we have a picture from Isle Esme. That’s it. Nothing big. But hey, it’s something.
  • And in music news…
    So the Grammy’s happened. And I didn’t watch. But I heard Gaga was in an egg, Cee Lo danced with muppets, Esperanza and Arcade Fire won big and yeah.
  • And in TV news…
    Greek. Say it isn’t so! March 7th will be the SERIES finale. Why!?! I’ve already lost Medium and now I’m losing Greek as well, I don’t know that I can handle it. I need my college stories and Cappie stories and just uh. Don’t go Greek, don’t go!

    How I Met Your Mother. Lily and Marshall are the freaking cutest. Seriously love them. And does Barney have an actual love interest? That would be pretty funny. And someone please tell me Zoe is THE MOTHER because it’s about damn time people.

    Glee. I’m sort of on the fence about this half of the season. I mean yeah some of it is good but some of it is just so far fetched, eck. However I do love all of the Puck solos, I mean seriously mmmmmm.

    Toddlers and Tiara. I am officially addicted. This season has been full of gems. Seriously if you need a good laugh, watch this show.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have Frankie Muniz. I mean what? Apparently he pulled a gun on himself in front of his girlfriend.

Anything big I missed?

happy wednesday!