Shuffleboard and horse races, we’re a classy bunch.

Oh weekend, I miss you already? Wait I think I say that every weekend, but still. You get my point right? Anyhoo it was another fun weekend of relaxing

Friday: After a long week at work I came home and kicked back my feet and had a ridiculous mish mash of dinner and wine. I read and Matt played the Wii and then my cousin came over with her boyfriend and we all chatted and got to know each other and then yes, twas loverly. After they left Matt and I watched the Lion King and then called it a night, man we are so married sometimes, haha.
Saturday: Woke up way too freaking early to take my car to the shop (I mean ew, sometimes my car, gah) and the bright side was that Matt met me out there to pick me up and we enjoyed ourselves a nice little breakfast before heading home. Since my day was carless I cleaned the apartment, went to the library, napped, you know the weekend usual?
Eventually my friend AJ came up to visit and my sister came over and we had dinner and hung out before actually going out. We tried this new Irish bar and ohmygosh it was so fun! There was a band and shuffleboard and Wyder’s and basically it was great.
Matt and AJ either talking about something,
probably how bad Kourtney and I were, haha.
action shot! ish, haha.
Matt got crafty with the corn meal.
AJ and Kourt admiring the decoration.
the band was just awesome.
After that bar we made our way to another bar in Old Town that was known for its beer (and luckily had cider for I am still anti-beer) and served cheese fries! Eventually we were psuedo ready to call it a night, so we came home, my sister and I detoured to In-N-Out and the boys put on Ace Ventura 2. Basically we’re a little ridiculous and it was awesome.
Sunday: Me, Matt and AJ woke up earlyish (by weekend standards) and trekked on over to get some breakfast (which was delicious!) and then got me some white hot chocolate (fabulous freaking yum yum!). Eventually AJ was on his way home and Matt and I were on our way to the races!
For our friend Kristin’s birthday we celebrated in the Turf Club at Santa Anita race track and oh man was it fun. There was delicious food and plenty of champagne and constant entertainment and even some winning!
the boys taking notes, haha.
despite the cloudy day, it was still awesome.
me, Chrissy and the birthday girl, Kristin.
Despite the weather we had a great time all hanging out and celebrating Kristin, twas loverly.
The rest of my night was spent lounging around, girly movie watching and napping and blogging and yeah, the typical Sunday night agenda.
And how was your weekend? Any races for you?
happy monday!