A couple months ago I got into this conversation with someone (Matt? my sister? myself?) about what hell would look like. And for some reason I developed this whole elaborate version of what my personal hell would be and have only added to it since. So of course (per the suggestion of Tara, Ev’Yan and my sister) I decided “why not blog about it?” and ta da! you get a post about hell, haha:

I would work at a styrofoam factory where CSI:Miami plays on repeat on every TV and the cafeteria only serves zucchini and mushroom dishes. All office notes would be written on chalk boards and the phones would ring the ridiculous generic Nokia ring tone. Spencer Pratt would be the CEO an Carrot Top would be VP and I’d have to see them every damn day.
There’s probably more to add but that’s all I’ve got for now. Clearly I have issues, but it’s sort of funny right?

Now it’s your turn. Tell me what your personal hell would be like.

happy thursday!

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