La la Hollywood.

So Hollywood, how goes it? Good? Sweet. Well. Let’s go shall we?

  • Starting off this week’s adorableness we have little Satyana Denisof and mama Alyson Hannigan. I mean seriously, her cuteness is almost too much.

    oh the cute, THE CUTE.

  • Also bringing some uber cuteness and half nekkidness is Matthew McConaguhey and his kidlets on the beach, seriously, adorable.


  • In other bebe news, the Hollywood pregnancies just won’t stop: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban announced that a surrogate just delivered their new daughter (congrats!!) and Orlando Bloom took baby Flynn out for a stroll and my goodness the cuteness, lurve it….in other Hollywoodish, Tamera Mowry is engaged, Jim Carey is dating a former Top Model contestant, Ashley and Mary Kate’s younger sister Elizabeth is breaking out in the acting world and Amy Adams looked fabulous at the PGA awards over the weekend, seriously heart her:

    va va voom.

  • In some favoritenss…
    Hellooooo Keanu. I mean really, hello. Where have you been? Well apparently you finished that movie Henry’s Crime and now you’re interviewing about it? You know I’m a really good interviewer and a huge fan, just sayin.

    Oh Gos. You are just so cute. Not only do you wear footed hoodie pajamas with Ellen but you sing on TV too? Let’s be hip and grab coffee sometime okay?

    And lastly, helloooo Joshua Jackson. I mean could you be any cuter? And really I promise to catch up on Fringe and watch it all the time and yes, I just need the summertime to do so, but I promise I will because “Ducks fly together!”

    oh hey hello there.

  • In today’s Twilightish….
    Eclipse got a ton of Razzie nominations, no surprise there.

    Edward and Bella’s love child has been revealed. And I can sort of see it. But seriously how weird will it be to see Kristen Stewart acting motherly? Honestly, Breaking Dawn truly worries me.

    And apparently there was a still from BD released of Edward and Bella in bed? Sure.

    In more imortantness, another trailer for WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, a movie I actually am excited about. weeee!

    Also, Taylor Lautner is an a new non-Twilight movie as well, Abduction and I really don’t know what it’s about besides someone being abducted but Tay does look pretty good.

    apparently you can be badass
    and not be a werewolf.

  • In other movie news….
    THE OSCAR NOMINATIONS ARE OUT TODAY! And since I write this post on Monday night I won’t know anything yet. But they’re out. And tomorrow will be my live blogging reaction to the nominees (come on Gos and Jack Kelly, I’m rootin for ya).
  • And in TV news….
    Medium. Let’s just get it out there. It was the series finale. SERIES as in IT’S OVER. No more adorable DuBois family, no more Joe, no more trippy episodes, kaput, goodbye. And I’m sad about it. Not only that, but the finale was HORRIBLE. Yes caps are so necessary to express my utter dislike in what happened. *spoiler alert* So um Joe died. Really? Was that necessary? No, no it was not. And then a fake dream in a dream and Joe’s alive but he’s not and then Allison dies 41 years later all alone eating Jell-O and Joe’s there and it’s a super over the top romantic reunion?? No freaking thank you. Just. NO.

    Big Bang Theory. First of all, Rick Fox is one swoony man. Second, if you aren’t watching this show you are missing out on some serious laughs. Because I never stop with this show, it’s just too much and too funny and too nerdy and yes. Watch it.

    Greek. Oh Cap, you are just so cute. I mean you really are. But um why is Dale an Omega Chi? I do not get this show sometimes, but I do love it, I really do.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news Bristol Palin is dating….wait why am I even talking about her. Eh moving on, in more WTFness Antoine Dodson has a reality show, because of course he does. Who doesn’t have a reality show or a book deal these days? Hey MTV or Harper Collins I’m totally available and totally awesome, clearly.

So anything I missed? As always let me know.

happy tuesday!