Birthdays are fun from 27 to 1.

Ohmygosh did I really just rhyme my title? I guess yes, yes I did. Oh well. Moving on. Let’s recap some weekend shall we?

Friday: After my only day of working Matt and I made our way downtown to celebrate Megan’s birthday. However we got there a bit early so we went wandered a bit in downtown (sketchy to say the least, haha) before finding a place to grab some dinner. It was so delicious and fun to have some downtime with the husband. After dinner it was time to partay! Megan’s boyfriend rented out some space at a pretty cool bar and it was just fun times all around hanging with friends and drinking and chatting and dancing in my seat.
me and Katrina with the birthday girl, woo.
Matt and J.R.,
doesn’t their bromance just shine through?
Saturday: Oh dear goodness a day off. My body so needed this. Matt woke up early to golf and I eventually got up and did some house cleaning and DVR watching (let’s not even talk about the Medium finale yet, I can’t really handle it) and apartment dancing, twas loverly.
After Matt got back we did some shopping and random stuff before coming home and spending the night cooking dinner, drinking wine and watching Ocean’s 11 and playing the Wii. Pretty much the whole day and night that my body needed to catch up, woo.
Sunday: Woke up earlyish and headed on over to our friend’s house for their son’s first birthday party (and to watch the football games, like I cared). The party was just so fun, there was a bounce house and a hot dog buffet and snacks and drinks and cute kids and just yay.
Also, the birthday boy – – I mean this picture says it all:
ajsdhkajshf too freaking cute.
Right!? Did you not just say awwwwwww? Because I did and I know the kid, haha. Even more awww inducing for me, watching my husband play with him and think “he’ll be such a good dad one day”, seriously my ovaries were having a field day, haha.
After getting plenty of kid time and football time in, we trekked on back home and I took a late night nap and we made breakfast for dinner and finished catching up on our shows and playing more Wii, aka wonderousness.
And how was your weekend? Any birthdays going on?
happy monday!