Hollywood is pregnant.

So I was totally going to write a Hollywood post yesterday but all I coudl think of was: BABIES! And then I got tired and figured I’d just save it for today. And guess what? Since I waited, there are more BABIES! Anyhoo, Hollywood time so here we go:

  • Bringing some major cuteness we have Ellen Pompeo and her daughter Stella. I mean yes, big slouchy hat and glasses for a baby? And that baby is mixed? All around cuteness win.

    the adorableness is almost too much.

  • Also bringing too much cuteness for my ovaries to handle, the Madden-Richie family out for a stroll. Seriously Harlow is so big and cute (and wearing a tutu! I’m a sucker for tutus) and Sparrow, precious!

    the cute! cute!

  • In other baby news, my favorite little sister turned two! Happy Birthday Seraphina Affleck!

    In more bebe news, everyone in Hollywood is pregnant! Okay not everyone but here’s who has announced it in the past two weeks: Natalie Portman (she’s also engaged), Victoria Beckham (oh please let it me a girl she can put baby high heels and black dresses and play Spice Girls for), Marion Cotillard, Owen Wilson’s girlfriend, Tia Mowry (I know there’s a Sister, Sister joke in there somewhere), Jewel, Jane Krakowski, and announced today: Kate Hudson.

    And in some non-baby news: Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin split after eight years together (sad), Reese Witherspoon got engaged (congrats!), David Arquette went to rehab (no surprise there), Edward Furlong got arrested (even less of a surprise),

  • In some favoriteness…
    Although I’m Team Pacey for life, I totally enjoyed seeing James Van Der Beek take over Funny or Die last week. In case you missed it, check out his site: JamesVanDerMemes.com and enjoy the awesome (tell them I sent you!).

    Oh.My.Goodness.Swooooooooon. Let’s all swoooooon together people. To who you ask? I mean to Ryan Gosling of course! Just when we thought he couldn’t get more adorable he goes on Ellen and rides a stationary bike and wears a hooded footie! Gah! The cuteness! Just watch. And I dare you not to swoon.

    love it.

  • In today’s Twilight news….
    Maybe I should just call it the Rob news? Because again nothing Twilight related, rather new images from Water for Elephants (which actually made me squeal in theaters when I saw the preview before Black Swan, haha).

    aw Rob and Rosie, is Kristen jealous?

    well she must be jealous now.

  • In music news….
    Britney Spears’ new album is coming out March 15. Huzzah! I mean wait, what?

    The Holiday. As I mentioned, my friend Courtney got me the score to The Holiday aka the bestest most beautiful score ever! I mean I only own a few scores because only so often do I feel like listening to music without words, but oh this album is one of them. I CANNOT STOP. And then it makes me want to watch the movie again and I have to refrain because HELLO THREE TIMES IN ONE MONTH is a little excessive and it’s not holiday time anymore and just yes, I’m rambling. Point: LOVE THIS SCORE (AND CAPS ARE SO NECESSARY!)

  • And in TV news….
    Wicked. Let’s be clear here, the BOOK (which I detested) not the MUSICAL (that I adore) is being made into a mini series steered by Salma Hayek. I’m curious basically. Curious to see if I enjoy this adaptation more that the actual book or if I’m just as turned off by it. Nonetheless there is plenty of potential here.

    How I Met Your Mother. First of all, spoiler alert central. Second of all, WHY!? Why did Marhsall’s dad have to die?!?? I mean I knew the countdown was to something big and I knew Lily was going to get pregnant eventually (they’ve already showed it) but Marshall’s dad? Just gah, punch to the stomach people, punch to the freaking stomach!

    Grey’s Anatomy. Okay. I admit. As dumb and annoyed as I was with another episode with a mass shooting, it was a good episode. AND WE GOT CRISTINA BACK (hurrah! hurrah!). But yeah some good issues brought up and everyone lived (apparently Shonda was in a good mood because I don’t remember the last time that actually happened).

    Greek. It’s back, it’s back! And um. Apparently Cappie is VanWilder, Rusty has a thing for Ashley, Casey is staying at CRU and ummm, yes I love this show.

    Glee. Um. How do I say this gently? Um. I DON’T WANT A FREAKING BIEBER EPISODE. Okay there I said it. It was reported that there will be a Bieber themed episode happening with Sam starting a boy band. Just no. No thank you. Do not want. Return to sender.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have designer bangs. No really, have you ever wanted bangs and just couldn’t wait long enough for your hair to grow? Well then Designer Bangs are just for you!

So anything I missed? More babies? Let me know!

happy wednesday!