As I was driving home from work yesterday this blog post just started writing itself. Because apparently I think of really random shit (yes I cuss…sometimes, haha) when I drive (or take a shower, seriously my most random and best ideas come when I’m driving to/from work or taking a shower, it’s bizarre). Anyways, I thought for today’s post I’d share some things about me (cause clearly they’re things you want to know, clearly):

  • Keith Urban’s newest CD has not left my CD player since Christmas.
  • Yes I still listen to CDs.
  • And yes I sing every song out loud and dance like the ridiculous person I am when I’m driving by myself.
  • I once hit a parked car.
  • The owner of the car was nuts.
  • I’ve been nervous when parking ever since.
  • I didn’t cry at all during our wedding ceremony.
  • Oh but the speeches got the waterworks show.
  • And then (NO AND THEN – name that movie, haha) when I watched the video – waterfall of tears. Seriously my tearflow makes no sense!
  • Speaking of our wedding, I still miss it.
  • And I’m in love with our professional pictures.
  • Clearly.

  • I played the flute in 5th grade.
  • No there are no band camp jokes there.
  • It was 5th grade people!
Anything you’d like to confess before the weekend? Get it off your chest, really it’s okay, you can do it!
happy weekend!