So Long 2010.

So last year I did a ridiculous recap of my year and it was great and I was planning on doing that again but then people, but then: LIFE. I mean clearly you can tell I didn’t do a whole lot of blog writing or reading for that matter this week and I blame life.

I got to work from home and got distracted with watching movies, going on lovely white hot chocolate/tea dates with lovely people, tasty lunch breaks with friends, getting my ass kicked on the Wii Fit/EA Active again, sleeping like a champ, meeting friends in bars on Tuesday (and Wednesday nights) and going to the Holiday Bowl (but let’s not discuss the results):
Husker fan for a day.

woo wee!

So yeah it’s been busy over here and I’m not really complaining, rather explaining.
Nonetheless I can’t have a final post of 2010 without sharing my love of this past year.
I mean there was BISC 2010. And there really are no words (well there are because I posted about it but you get what I mean), I met bloggers I’d been reading forever and hung out with the crazy fabulous ones I already knew, amazingness.
And I mean clearly the biggest and best thing to happen to me this year was that I got married to the looooove of my life (not like you forgot or anything because I still can’t stop talking about/get over it, haha):
double heart.

lurve it.

And we had a fantabulous time in Italy for two weeks and that was all sorts of magical and wonderful as well:
And yeah there were other super awesome ridiculous things that happened this year like I saw some celebs, went to some theme parks, had lots and lots of family time, read like a bookworm, attempted to cook some more and just loverliness and I couldn’t have asked for a better year.
So you hear that 2011? You’ve got a lot to live up to buddy, I’ve got high expectations here.
I hope you all have a loverly and safe and fabulous New Year’s Eve and wish you all the best for 2011!! I mean it’s our year right?
happy 2011!