It’s a Saturnalia Miracle.

So after another evening of writing thank yous/Christmas cards an actual blog post was just not in the works. However I thought I’d leave you with this little gem from one of my favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory. Clearly my love of this show is no secret and basically I want Sheldon to be my friend and even if you don’t watch this show this clip should make you laugh (otherwise you have issues or I’m just really easily amused, either or).
And um yes, whenever I need a pick me up, this is the clip I go to and it’s quite perfect for the holiday season, so enjoy.
And apparently it’s not embeddable (lame! who does that??) but still check it out and just for funsies here’s a still, lurve:

So have a very festive and Saturnalia like weekend full of awesome and ridiculous everyone, woo!

happy weekend!
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