Hollywood: Reunions, Splits and Swoons.

So I had every intention for having a Hollywood post up yesterday but then Matt and I decided to start the thank you/holiday card writing and I was pretty sure my hand was going to fall off by the end of it and writing a blog post just wasn’t in the cards. Anyhoo there was plenty of Hollywoodness to share so share it I will, and go:

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness we have a Dawson’s Creek reunion! Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips went on a stroll with their daughters and the cuteness is just loverly.

    all you need is little Suri and this would be DC magic!

  • Also bringing some major cuteness, little Louis Bullock. Ohmygod this kid’s pout kills me. And the santa hat? Lurve it.

    just pure cuteness! cuteness!

  • In other bebe news, Paul Bettanyy and Jennifer Connely are expecting another kiddo, congrats!…and um yes I know my favoritest family was out and about and being uber cute but I had to give some limelight to the other cutie kids out there, but anyhoo, Jen and the girls: PRECIOUS…In not so baby news, this was the week for splits apparently (yikes!): Zefron and Vanessa Hudgens split, Dex…er Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter filed for divorce and rumor has it Ryan Reynolds and ScarJo are calling it quits too. Man, that is just rough, especially around the holidays….
    However, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden did just the opposite and got hitched last weekend in a super private ceremony (although there was an elephant?) and apparently the pictures are being shopped around, I can only imagine….
    moving on, Jillian is leaving the Biggest Loser (adios!)…despite multiple denials, turns out Bea Arthur was in the marines (crazy pants!)…and check out 14 actors acting, it’s weird and bizarre but I’m also very intrigued….
  • In some favoriteness…
    Ryan Gosling was interviewing by MTV and was asked to read some of the pictures on fuckyeahryangosling and basically he’s adorable and yes. Watch this video and your day will be made.
    And if that wasn’t enough Ryan, check out his GQ cover and swoon away, swoooon away:


  • In some other favoriteness, Josh and Diane. Where have you been hiding you two lovebirds? And seriously, your cuteness? I lurve it.

    heart them.
  • In Twilight news…
    Apparently Taylor Lautner is a Saints fan as he was in attendance and on the field of their last game. And um. Can this boy get any more adorable? I really don’t think it’s possible actually.

    “oh hey, I use Crest to whiten that smile”

  • In movie news…
    Thor. The trailer. I sort of really want to see this now.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The trailer. I’m still torn.

    Transformers 3. The trailer. I don’t get it.

    Fast Five. The trailer. Paul Walker is still zexy, that’s all that really matters here, my sister would agree.

    Golden Globe nominations. Here’s the full list of nominees. Clearly I have a lot of movie watching to do, yikes!

    Also, need a refresher of what movies came out this year? This clip shows snippets of them all! So awesome for the movie lover nerds like myself.

  • And in some music news…
    Monday night I had the pleasure of interviewing the band Neon Trees. Seriously they were such a fun and lively group (just as I imagined) and it was a pretty laid back and fun interview, which is always great. You can check out the whole thirty minute interview here.
  • In some TV news…
    Desperate Housewives. I mean, what the what? Sunday’s episode was just nuts. *spoiler alert, spoiler* basically everyone had some ridiculous secret that was revealed, Paul got away with what he wanted until oh wait, someone shot him (no surprise) and on top of it Juanita found out about Gaby not being her real mom and then a freaking angry mob/stampede broke out and Susan was injured and Lee was hit in the head with a beer bottle or something and Mrs. McClusky was knocked over, I mean just wow, wow. What the eff was this? I can’t decide if I liked the drama or if it was too overboard, the jury is still out. Nonetheless I’m curious to see where it goes from here in January.

    Top Model. It feels like the show just ended….wait. That’s because it did. However, our next cycle of model wanabes is coming to our TVs just a mere two months away in February, hurrah! Let’s hope they don’t pick the awkward girl again, oh wait…we know they will. Damn you Tyra for sucking me into this show and it’s predictable, fierce ways.

    SVU. I have to admit I was pretty bummed when JJ left Criminal Minds so I have to say how excited I was when I read that she’ll be guest starring on one of my other favorite crime shows, SVU. I mean yes! The bad assery and cuteness (really do those even go together?) is just awesome.

    Glee. *spoiler, spoiler* I mean yes, there were actual tears. Matt was trying not to laugh at me as I had tears streaming from my face as Artie walked. It was so sweet and touching and so corny but I could not stop. Brittany’s reaction and Artie’s attitude and just…gah I’m tearing up just writing this, I am such a sap. But really, Sue as the Grinch? Priceless. “Baby it’s Cold Outside” a la Kurt and Blaine, adorable. Coach Beist as Santa? Amazing and touching and more tears, ah, stop it! She GAVE ARTIE THE WALKING MACHINE and then I cried some more. Also, I need these Christmas songs in my collection stat. So um is it February yet?

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have Bailey the beer drinking, car riding buffalo. Seriously.
Anything big I missed?

happy wednesday!