Things that are loverly.

  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with Matt as a married couple (No I am not over this fact yet).
  • Going to the beach in November even if it is a high of 56 all week, being near the water is glorious.
  • Everything in Oh Hello Friend’s etsy store, seriously WANT.
  • Spending the holiday with a ridiculous amount of family members and enjoying it all.
  • Not working or being on a computer for the rest of this week.
  • Wearing scarves (yes I am obsessed).
  • Apple cider scented candles (also, obsessed).
  • Bloggers that are friends and friends that are friends and just friends all around, you really are the absolute best.
  • Celebrating my little brother’s 15 birthday today and my sister’s 23rd birthday tomorrow, YAY BIRTHDAYS!
  • Turquoise rings that are fierce.
  • The Pioneer Woman’s creamy mashed potatoes. I have been salivating over these since the Throwdown and cannot wait for potatoes tomorrow.
What’s loverly for you this week?
Hope you all have a most loverly and wonderous Thanksgiving wherever you are and whoever you spend it with, I am thankful for all of my freaders and friends and family alike, you all rock my socks off and I hope you know it.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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