Fridays are for…

  • not being sick (or at least telling myself that).
  • bullet points and pointless posts because I can.
  • saying “ohmygod it’s almost December and then it’ll be 2011 and just stop because ohmygod what?”
  • deleting “friends” on Facebook that I have to say “wait, who is that again?” and not feeling bad about it.
  • a song that makes me want to have a party, like now.
  • wine, lots of wine.
  • a picture that will always make me smile*
So what are your Fridays for?
happy weekend!
*I mean yeah I’m obsessed with my wedding photos and any reason to share one is good enough for me so I hope you don’t mind and don’t think I’m crazy and if you do just say so or don’t either way is okay.