Minnie Muse, Minnie Muse!

So despite still being sickish (still, I know right? This is getting ridiculous) I moseyed on over to Hollywood Tuesday night for a fabulous little shindig that I just have to blog about (I mean I’m a blogger, that’s what I do).

I was invited as media (doesn’t that sound fancy?? also I’m becoming a fan of the parenthesis as if you couldn’t tell) to the Minnie Muse launch event at the Forever 21 store at Hollywood and Highland and I was more than excited to go.
I invited my friend Cameron to come with me because she is one of the biggest Disney fans that I know and she’s new to LA so I figured what better way to celebrate than with an event that was Disneycentric?
me and Cameron with one of
the Minnie displays.
The whole purpose of the event was to promote a new line of Minnie Mouse inspired clothing coming to Forever 21 stores this week and I gotta say, I’m sold. All of the clothes (okay most) were so darn cute and I definitely had to buy my own Minnie inspired cardigan. Besides the adorable clothing the party itself was just so cute. There were models wearing the Minnie clothes, freaking fantastic desserts, a candy bar, a soda bar, random reality star celebs (Stephanie Pratt, Miss J, Vanessa Simmons, some Disney girls, and a real housewife), good music and just an all around good time.
And back to that reality star bit, MISS J was there. As in the best person on Top Model (sorry Tyra, I love you and your crazies but Miss J has my ANTM heart) J. Alexander was moseying around the VIP area and did try to make his way to the main floor but was immediately swamped with fans (I mean of course, he’s awesome!). But I was admittedly most excited to see him and his awesomeness there, I just wanted him to walk a fake runway.
Miss J and Vanessa Simmons
I sort of heart them both.
*pic from Getty and more official pics here*
Anyhoo here are some more iphonearific (I may coin that) pics from the evening:
the oh so delicious cake balls from
The Sweet Truck, yummm!
some of the adorable Minnie clothes.
the window display, adorable.
As media I was fortunate enough to receive a lovely gift bag and ohmygod I’m in love. On top of the Minnie cardigan I bought, the gift bag had three freaking adorable shirts and two Minnie notebooks and seriously I’m in love.
“modeling” my new cardigan and Minnie ears,
courtesy of the fabulous Tara (the hostess of the evening).
the three shirts from my gift bag,
All in all it was a loverly night all around and I’m so glad my sickness didn’t get the best of me.
To get in on the Minnie Muse action visit Forever 21’s site.
happy thursday!

*Redlight PR invited me to this event and I wasn’t compensated in any way and wasn’t asked to blog about this but clearly I was all over going because hellooo it’s awesome and schnazzy and I wanted to write about it and the gift bag was just a lovely thank you, okay FTC? we’re friends right?*