To my dad, to the Veterans.

Looking back in my archives I realized that I’ve never really paid much attention to veteran’s day on the blog, which is ridiculous and surprising to say the least. Then again I don’t always dive into the serious stuff here but today, today I feel like it, so here we go.

My dad is a veteran.

My dad went to the Gulf War.

If you’re friends with me in real life chances are you already know this since anyone that knows me and has met my dad pretty much learns this fact within five minutes of meeting him. My dad has a Veteran sticker on his car, drives an old army jeep around town and most days can be seen wearing some form of fatigues (although I admit, his wardrobe has expanded to non-army wear lately as well, a big improvement, haha).

My dad is full of stories from his time in the army, in the Gulf and I’ve probably heard all of them, but I always block them out. I was in first grade when my dad left for war and you’d think being that young I wouldn’t register anything? But no, I registered it all and remembered it all. My dad missed my birthday, my dad was in harm’s way, a place where my dad had been stationed was bombed, I definitely got it and it was scary.

Luckily my dad was only gone a few months and luckily he came home. Not every family is so lucky, I know this and I cherish this. My family was one of the lucky ones. And I admit, sometimes I forget that and take it for granted when my dad shares war stories when really I should just be grateful that he’s here to share them at all.

So to my dad, my cousins, my friends and everyone else that is serving or has served our country, today and every day is for you and I thank you.

happy thursday!