Our Honeymoon: A View from the Top.

by katelin on November 5, 2010

In our two weeks in Italy we went to four different cities(Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome) and in almost all of those cities we got a nice view from the top. And every city was gorgeous (obviously) and we could hardly stop taking pictures.

So for today’s post I figured, why write when I can just share because who really wants to read on a Friday anyways. So sit back and enjoy the views:

St. Mark’s Square:

looking down on St. Mark’s Square.
and another view from the top.

Cinque Terre:

hiking the path.
I could look at this every day.


looking down from the Duomo.
such a tiring climb, but so worth it.
Florence is so lovely.
the view from our terrace in Rome.
Oh how I miss it all and it’s Italian fabulousness.
Have you seen any lovely views lately?
happy weekend!
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