The luck of the pumpkin.

Well hello November, how you doing? Got lots of fun things in store for me I hope? Because that would be fabulous.
Anyways October was pretty grand and I’d say we ended it the best way we could with lots of pumpkins and friends and drinks and just good times all around:
Thursday: After work me, Matt and Jeff made our way to a local pumpkin patch and got ourselves some beauties! And clearly the boys had a good time with it:

Matt and Jeff having quite a good time
at the pumpkin patch.
Afterwards we took our pumpkins to my parents’ house and had some pizza, sort of watched some Hocus Pocus (remember, I LOVE this movie) and did some carving with the family and friends.
my sister and brother
doing some dirty work.
Andrew and Jess getting in
on the goo as well.
our finished products. quite the display.
Friday: I took the day off of work to play tour guide to my friend from Germany, Daniela and her friend Susie. Ten years ago I was an exchange student and stayed with Daniela and her family in Germany for two months and we’ve kept in contact through emails and letters since then and Friday was the first time we’d seen each other since. It was just so fun to catch up and reminisce and show the girls my city.
the Harry Potter kids at
Grauhman’s Chinese theater, tre cute.
the view of the beach from the ferris wheel.
me and the husband, twas a bit windy, clearly.
Daniela enjoying the ride as well.
We did the Hollywood walk of fame and that whole area and the beach and then went out to dinner and grabbed drinks at their hotel and just had a grand ole Southern California touristy fabulous day.
Saturday: I took the girls to Universal Studios which was quite fun, I adore that place. The weather held out for us which was great and it was nice weather to be outside and go to shows and the rides and just walk around.
me and Daniela at Universal Studios.
Afterwards I took the girls to get cupcakes because I mean CUPCAKES people and oh were they delicious. Once we got back to our apartment I said farewell to Daniela and Susie with hopes that it wouldn’t be ten years until we saw each other again.
Later that night we decided to have a few friends over to celebrate Halloween and hang out and it was just a loverly time all around if I do say so myself.
our lovely yard display.
I’m a rainbow and Matt’s the leprechaun,
man we’re ridiculous, haha.
Pat and Nick staring longingly into each other’s
eyes, clearly Timithie was the odd woman out, haha.
Kourtney and Andrew looking fantastic.
It was a pretty low key night but it was never short on laughs and good conversation and a good time all around, I adore Halloween.
Sunday: Happy Halloweeeeen! My treat to myself? Sleeping in until noon, haha. No really, I did and it was glorious. Eventually Matt and I made our way over to Nick and Timithie’s house for some pumpkin carving fun and Halloweenness. The rest of our day was spent relaxing and TV watching and blogging (or me of course) and drinking wine and just loverliness, my kind of Halloween.
And how was your Halloween? Any pumpkins or costumes or candy eating?
happy monday!