Our Wedding: Dancing Party Mania.

What? You thought I was done with wedding recap talk, pshaw of course not.

Anyone that came to our wedding will tell you that our dance floor was the place to be. As soon as the dancing started it went on ALL NIGHT and it was AWESOME. Our DJ played the perfect selection of songs that we gave him and what people requested and it was just amazing. I believe the night started with “Dynamite” and there was lots of Michael Jackson and even a Craig David song (I mean how could I not have a Craig song at my wedding??) and of course there was “Thriller” and “Shout” (the two most amazing wedding dance songs EVER, I dare you to object, well not really but you get the point) and just lots of ridiculousness all around.

Basically I was all over the place dancing with family and friends and the kidlets and the husband and thank god I could move in my dress is all I can say, haha. But really if you don’t believe me, believe the pictures because clearly they say it best:

love this picture,
everyone is
getting on down.

my sister and brother weren’t shy
on the
dance floor either, haha.

seriously. moves I have them.

oh how I love my fam.

we’ve been making moves since first grade.
hopefully our skills have improved
since then, haha.

my brother-in-law and sister
getting down with their air guitars.

say whaaaaaat.

love that everyone is laughing,
I mean how can you dance
some laughing?

best. picture. EVER.
this would be alex and J.R. getting down

Thriller? Shout?
I’m not quite sure,
but we’re
all getting down (or up?) haha.

aw together again.

I think we’re on the dance floor, does that count?
anyways I love this picture so I’m sharing it.

And that my friends was the best dance party we ever did throw. Er should I say wedding? Basically a fabulous wedding with lots and lots of dancing and it was all sorts of loverly, weeee!

happy weekend!