Back to Hollywood.

Oh Hollywood how I have missed you! I mean seriously I was getting the shakes my withdrawal was getting bad and I know my dear freaders missed knowing what ridiculousness had been happening in the past month and a half as well. Well friends, Hollywood Tuesday is back and with all sorts of goodies, so without further adieu:

  • I mean of course yes I have to start this week’s Hollywood goodness with my most favorite Hollywood bebes, Violet and Seraphina, and thier oh so freaking adorableness:

    Violet is a ballerina and my heart melts.

    lurve the mommy and meness.

  • In other cute bebeness we have Heidi Klum her wittle bebe Lou, seriously she is my future child, haha.

    ashdaksjfh too cute for actual words.

  • In other Hollywood bebeness, Barney Stinson is a dad! Seriously though Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are now dads to twins, congrats!…also new to the parents club, Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beats, they welcomed son Egypt (no comment) last week…in some not as fun news two major splits hit Hollywood last week, Courteney Cox and David Arquette and Christina Aguilera and Jason Bratman, let’s just hope they all keep it civil since there are youngins involved…and in case you cared, despite saving a potential jumper’s life last week T.I. is headed back to jail for another 11 months (basically stop effing up buddy)…Johnny Depp is a rockstar in case you didn’t know, well more like a pirate star and this story just made my heart melt with the cutenessall sorts of stars showed up for the Scream Awards over the weekend and yeah, nothing really else to say about that, haha…lastly and Michelle Williams decided to change up her hair quite a bit (going for the Agyness Deyn look I think) and I gotta say, I’m sort of a fan:

    work it girl.

  • In some favorites news…
    Let’s just say this is the most awesome news of EVER. NEWSIES IS BEING BROUGHT TO THE STAGE FOR REALS. Yes I tweeted this awhile ago and yes I am still that excited about it. I mean honestly how could I not be?? Have you seen the movie??? (I hope the answer is yes or else I will question our friendship).

    I’d like to remember Christian like this for always
    instead of like this more recently…ew.

    Also in favoriteness, the Gos lookin all rugged and cute (is it even possible to be both?) on the set of his new movie Drive:


  • For today’s Twilight news we have…
    Breaking Dawn is about to start filming. Holy crap this movie is actually being made. I mean of course it was going to be made they weren’t going to stop but after reading it I’m afraid, I really am. Nonetheless there have been some major casting announcements and looks like Louisiana is going to be hoppin with vampires and werewolves soon, oh boy.

    And just for funsies, here’s Rob looking all Roblike:

    I’m all dark and mysterious and
    wearing a beanie and
    make girls swoon. clearly.

  • In some music news…
    So I tweeted this a while back but Dead Man’s Bones (aka Ryan Gosling’s two man band) filmed a music video at my great aunt’s nursing home and only recently did they release the video/mini movie. It’s long but check it out anyways and my great aunt is in it at the two minute mark and a couple times after that, so schnazzy.

    “Whip My Hair”. I mean what? Am I actually pointing you to this video? Yes, yes I am. Willow Smith is TEN and has a video and a catchy song and damn you Ben for ever linking to this.

    Also uber catchy, P!NK’s new song “Raise Your Glass” and I realize how much I really like her music.

  • In TV news…
    The Big Bang Theory. ZAZZY! That’s all.

    . I’m finally on season 4 you guys and you weren’t kidding when you said it was good. Seriously I have screamed no less than 5 times and said “ooooooh” more times than I can count (it’s a good thing I watch this show by myself).

    Top Model. Do you have a favorite? I mean besides Tyra’s ego because clearly she’s the best, haha. But um I can’t decide who I like besides the fact that I want to throw something every time Ann wins best picture because you know she’s going to have a HORRIBLE Cover Girl commercial shoot (I’m putting bets on it now) so umm yes, better recaps are here of course.

    Glee. Um no PUCK? I think this has to be a lie. Yes it must. But still, this show still makes my musical loving heart happy. And I’m sort of excited for the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode (although I’ve never seen it, for shame I know).

    Criminal Minds. It really isn’t the same without JJ and I love Garcia and I forget how much this show creeps me out and I love it at the same time, it’s a little ridiculous.

    Grey’s Anatomy. Okay I’m ready for Cristina Yang to be Cristina Yang again and Sloane and Lexie need to hook on up again already and Meredith is sort of likeable which I appreciate and Bailey is amazing and SHIRTLESS AVERY? YES PLEASE (I mean what?).

    The Mentalist. PATRICK JANE is amazing and a smart ass and has excellent hair. For those reasons you should also be watching this show, haha.

    he also reads, so clearly I’m sold, haha.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news did you know that the Simpson family is Catholic? Yes the animated yellow family that’s full of ridiculous has officially been declared Catholic from the head honchos over at the Vatican. I mean, what??

Ahh Hollywood it’s so good to be back. So anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!