Sing along weekend.

Another Monday and back to the weekend recaps! I mean I’m not done recapping the wedding but I feel like a break was needed, but don’t worry there’s still the reception and the honeymoon and yeah, I hope you still love me when I’m done, haha.

Friday: After work, went to Matt’s dad’s house for dinner and hung out for a bit before making my way to a karaoke bar to meet up with some fabulous blogger friends. The oh so awesome Amy was in town and so karaoke became the to-do event for some of us on Friday night and oh was it an event. Apparently everyone at the bar decided that slow songs were the way to go at first and it was almost ridiculous (well very ridiculous) and our group couldn’t help laughing. There was however two favorites, an old guy named Art who sang to his wife (precious!) and eventually sang a number to the ladies of our group as well which was adorable. And then there was this other guy who cracked everyone up with his rendition of “Mrs. Officer” (which umm NONE of us ladies – with the exception of Amy- knew). It was seriously hilarious and tears were streaming down from laughing so hard. Eventually some of the ladies (and guy, nicely done Matt) in our group did some singing of their own.
Amanda, Amy and Ali busting out some Journey
for the crowd!
Michelle doing her best Alanis.
Pretty much it was a lovely evening spent with some of the loveliest people I know.
Saturday: Woke up earlyish and went out to breakfast with Matt before heading to my little brother’s water polo tournament. I can’t believe my wittle brother is a freshmen and playing JV water polo, it’s nuts. And he’s actually pretty good! Luckily I got to see his team win two games (and both were nail biters, 7-6 wins) and my brother played the entire second game. It was pretty awesome.
my brother the goalie.
and he saved it, woo!
and my cousin is on the same team,
way to go Matthew.
After the games I ran some errands and relaxed a bit before heading to LA for a charity dinner honoring alumni from Matt’s high school. It was a pretty fun event for a great cause, tasty food, fun auction items and we got to hang out with some of our friends so I’d say it was a win. On top of it, it was just classy and it was great to see such a great message of charity being spread.
Sunday: Sunday oh Sunday, my lovely day. Now that football is back, Matt’s usually gone for most of the day leaving me to relax and catch up on the DVR aka heavenly. Twas nice to have some time to myself and play the Sims and run errands and just have fun. Eventually I did meet up with Matt at his brother’s future in-laws house for some football and pizza and just fun times. The rest of the night was just the same loverly relaxingish stuff and twas loverly all around.
And how was your weekend? Any karaoke or Sims playing or ridiculousness?
happy monday!